PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – That was a lot of rain last week. If you were lucky enough to get out in the sun and plant the week before it rained, everything’s well watered in. But even if you didn’t, you’re still in luck, because a stretch of wet weather makes all kinds of garden chores a lot easier.

When the soil is moist and roots are loosened, it’s simpler for your spade to slice through grass – so you can edge beds with ease, or remove sod from a spot where you want to plant in your lawn – and you can often just roll the grass up like a rug. It’s also easier to move plants after a rainy spell – your shovel can get down and around to remove a good-sized root ball to ensure transplanting success. And it helps you lift and divide perennials too.

Plus damp soil makes weeding much faster and easier. Which is a good thing, because once the sun comes out after lots of rain, all those seeds really do grow…like weeds.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio