By: Steve Trevelise

Back on May 1st, I set a scenario on my WIP Sunday morning show where I had Plaxico Burress coming to the Eagles. Now the New York Daily News is speculating as well.

These are the reasons I have stated and when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Both Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress come from the same part of Virginia. Both still have family there.

Vick has said he would like to visit Plax before he gets out of prison. What do you think they will talk about? Those great catches he used to make on Sheldon Brown?

I’m convinced Plaxico would get off his death bed to run a pattern on the former Eagle. Imagine what Plaxico could do for the Eagles offense in the red zone? You don’t have to imagine it, just go back to 2006 game 2, or for that matter Super Bowl XLII.

Imagine how comfortable Michael Vick would feel running around trying to make something happen knowing he had that big body of Burress running around on the other end.

It’s a match made in Virginia, or prison, or Philadelphia.

Plaxico Burress will be 34-years-old. He is about 20 pounds underweight, but has been doing nothing else but working out and healing, both physically and emotionally. He lives in North Jersey, so he wouldn’t have to uproot his family.

Tony Dungy is even going to visit him before he gets out on June 6th. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles not only signed Burress, but if Michael Vick hosted a get out of jail party for him.

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