Frank Rapone of Swarthmore is a three-time club champ at The Springhaven Club and won an impressive eight straight club championships prior to that at FDR.  Since I love to pick the brains of good players as well as professionals, it was a pleasure to run into Frank at Springhaven yesterday and do an interview.

So how did he get so good? 

The good news — a big part of it was embracing the nuances in his swing and just learning to play with it instead of constantly striving for perfection.  The bad news: he has put in a lot of work.  We’re talkin’ practice!  

There’s always a catch, isn’t there?!!  In golf, like life, there are few shortcuts.   In this podcast, Rapone tells us about his game, his practice habits, and one of his favorite short-game shots.  We begin with this question:  What would he like to tell the rest of us non-elite players about how to get better?

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