PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When Sandra Day O’Connor graduated from Stanford University School of Law in 1952, she received only one job offer, legal secretary. While opportunities for women have changed dramatically and we now graduate from college and graduate school in greater numbers than men, men are twice as likely to move up in the workforce.

Of Fortune 500 companies, there are only 11 CEOs, down from 15 in 2010. The Wall Street Journal April 11th Blueprint for Change reports that middle-management women are promoted on performance, while men get ahead on potential.

Companies are encouraged to break women out of traditional support positions like human resources when in their 30’s and move to jobs with bottom line, profit-and-loss impact, considered essential for CEO positions. Developing countries such as China and India more effectively utilize women, which is helping to fuel their growth rates.

The lead article also reminds us that Ms. O’Connor went on to become a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio