PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A quick-thinking lunchtime aide helped to save the life of a Philadelphia fifth-grader.

It was April fifth in the cafeteria at Sullivan Elementary School in Wissinoming. A child told lunchtime aide Karen Olszewski (photo) that a classmate was choking on a Dorito.

“He was trying to, trying to get it up but he couldn’t. So I just did the Heimlich maneuver,” said Olszewski

Her first aid training was immediately pressed into action, and the chip popped out, “I had to do it three times, and it finally came up.”

Olszewski says the fifth-grader suffered a seizure and appeared weak after the ordeal, but she says he bounced back. “The next day, he came up to me and thanked me and everything.”

The School Reform Commission this past week honored Olszewski for her grace under pressure. Olszewski says she’s working to make sure all lunchtime helpers are trained in first aid.

Reported by MikeDeNardo, KYW Newsradio