PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Somewhere there is a driver out there who is willing to run down a human being and take off and so far that driver has gotten away with it.
They are small steps, but at least they’re steps.
When you take a look at his mangled carbon fiber bicycle frame its clear for Muerig James walking is a major victory.
Exactly two weeks ago the 33-year-old was nearly killed when he was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike in Fairmont Park.
“It just the mind boggles that human life can be considered so cheap that he wouldn’t even stop or slow down to acknowledge you would leave some one for dead,” James said.
James has several serious injuries which include Two broken knee caps, a fractured ankle, a broken collar bone, bruised lungs two fractured vertebra and two broken ribs.

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Born in Wales, the 33 year is an award winning amateur cyclist in great shape.
That contributed to his quick recovery according to his therapist with Good Sheppard Penn Partners.
Just last week when I talked to him walking seemed far off.
“From what he went through from what they told me and what I saw with the bike I wouldn’t have thought he could do this either,” Good Sheppard Penn Partners therapist Tim Brennan said.
There’s now a website which is devoted to helping catch the driver while highlighting the $5,000 reward offered by James’ employer in Wayne.
It’s believed the dark suv hit which him on march 18th just after 7 on Lansdowne avenue, was followed by a white Lexus GS suv.
Philadelphia police interviewed a few eyewitnesses but there are hoping more will come forward and call them.
We have also established a link to James’ website.

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Reported by Todd Quinones, CBS 3

Meurig James and his friend and fellow cyclist Nick Rogers were on a training ride Friday, March 18th. At 7:05 pm they were riding through Fairmount Park in Philadelphia near the Please Touch Museum when he was struck by a vehicle, possibly a SUV. (’s Coverage) For more information CLICK HERE

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