Some kids love shampooing their hair but many don’t! Try giving your child a clean paint brush before she gets in the tub. It can be a thin brush or a little larger – try a few!

ducky KID FUN: Lather Up   Be An Artist In The TubYa ‘know why you need the brush? To paint, of course! But, what do you do for paint? It’s simple. It’s the lather on her head! Imagine, your child begging to have her hair washed because the more shampoo, the more lather! She squeezes the lather from the top of her head, holding it in one hand and then dabs the paintbrush into the lather to “design” the walls of the tub!

It works every time. My granddaughter Ryan, who is now 3 ½, has a stack of paintbrushes in her tub, just in case that artistic moment arrives! Oh – and keep a couple cleaned out squeeze bottles handy. One important rule – if you paint it, you clean it! She fills the squeeze bottle with water to wash away her lathery design!

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Sharla Feldscher, the longtime “kid expert” in Philly, is the author of several books on creative activities to do with young children. HarperCollins published two of her KIDFUN books that were translated in Russian and German (available on Years ago she had the KDIFUN Page in the Philadelphia Daily News and produced KIDFUN for KYW Newsradio. Find more creative ideas on her current KIDFUN blog at www.kidfunandmore.

Sharla is happy to share readers’ ideas, giving credit to the originator whether it be individuals, families, schools or organizations.  The owner of a public relations business in Philadelphia, she also writes for L.A. Family Magazine, New York Family Magazine and (NY and Washington, D.C. editions)

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