HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – On the anniversary of the federal Affordable Care Act, Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett is calling on President Obama to help get court challenges to the law before the US Supreme Court so they can be quickly resolved.

Corbett (far right in photo) gave his opening remarks as a congressional subcommittee held a hearing on the federal health care reform law in the state capitol in Harrisburg.

Corbett, who continues to contend that the law will place unconstitutional requirements on citizens and create unsustainable costs, said nonetheless that challenges to the law should be quickly decided by the US Supreme Court.

“I respectfully request the president, through Attorney General Holder, to call for an expedited process where the high court can hear and decide this very important national question,” Corbett told the hearing.

A few feet away, supporters of the health care law held their own event to mark the anniversary.

“If they want to have an expedited hearing process to stop what is a blockade to the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, then so be it,” said Sharon Ward, a member of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network.

Ward is confident that supporters of the health care reform law will prevail.

Reported by KYW Harrisburg Bureau chief Tony Romeo.