By: Steven Strouss

After a nice warm up yesterday, Philadelphia’s team MERCURY shot up to 76 today. This was the highest score for the team since October 28th of last year when they shot a total of 77.  Some of the key players today were Sunshine, Westerly Wind, and Downsloping. The team will be relaxing and cooling off tomorrow but their next challenge will be on Sunday as they take on team SPRING. Team SPRING announced that they will arrive at 7:21PM Eastern Sunday. 
Anyway, here is a short recap from today’s game and a look ahead at what’s to come. The game started slow with Sunshine climbing above the opposing players. After a fast rebound, points were scored quickly and MERCURY jumped to a comfortable lead within a few hours. During the second half, high clouds tried to move in but they were no match our team. MERCURY’s biggest lead came at the end of the game as they ended up over 20 points above their average! They were still a couple of points shy from breaking their all time record high of 78 set back in 1989. With just a few seconds left, sunshine gave one last glance…and scored another point for team Mercury for the total of 76. It was a shining moment! There were no fouls called and the losing team had no choice but to March away.
Other games in the region had record high scores today. In fact, Trenton’s team hit 80 points while Reading, Allentown, and Wilmington ended their games in the upper 70s. The Forward players on those teams were simply on fire.
Team Mercury did well today but their hot streak is not forecasted to last. Without getting too technical, a cold front will dribble by tonight as High pressure dunks in behind late tomorrow.  An area of low pressure will pass to our south early Saturday but it will travel away and not cause any trouble. A blocking ridge will break down over the next few days allowing showers a fast break off the bench by Monday. Colder air will then swish through later next week. It is a long shot but there is even a chance for a snow shower next Thursday.
Mercury will face many different playing zones in the days ahead and the Weather tournament is far from over. Stay tuned because highlights on all future games will be previewed in more detail next week.

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