PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – “They make it look so easy,” one of my friends said about the Flower Show. She’s a great gardener herself and knows that what you see at the Flower Show takes months of work by teams of talented people. A year of planning, plus care to coax all those bulbs, plants, trees and shrubs to force their flowers open and be at their blooming best just for the week of the Flower Show.

So, you can’t go home and wonder why your garden doesn’t look like that. But you can use those inspired visions as something to aspire to.

Copy unique and fun color combinations you really liked. Or create a big impact by planting lots of the same thing in one spot – like hundreds of bulbs, or a huge swath of one kind of shrub. Don’t try to do everything you saw at the Flower Show, instead, look at all those photos you took and see how you can use some of those big ideas in your own small way in your garden.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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