5:42 An 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook Japan overnight. 

5:55 Hawaii is bracing itself for a tsunami as a result of the Japan earthquake.

5:58 Saudi Arabia plans a ‘Day of Rage’  today.

6:12 Charlie Sheen filed a lawsuit with Warner Bros. for $100 million in punitive damages.

6:40 Rand Paul grills a goverment bureaucrat on energy efficient toilets and light bulbs.

7:12 Chris on bureaucracy: If you’re job title can’t fit on a business card, you don’t belong in government.

7:14 Finance Friday with Chris Butler of Butler, Lanz & Wagler L.C. The Obama administration’s contempt for the U.S. coal industry is discussed.

7:22 Chris gives out $100 of NJ scratch off tickets to the 12th caller. Tracy from Bethlehem is the lucky winner

7:44 Jon Cryer on ‘Conan’ last night responded to being called a troll by Charlie Sheen

7:48 Rep. Keith Ellison (D) MN breaks down during his testimony in front of the hearings on radical Muslims in America. 

8:13 CBS News senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield joins Chris to talk about his new book,  ”Then Everything Changed’