PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Following the changing of the guard in the nation’s congress, those who represent the country’s toy makers are looking to see if they can change some of the existing laws which require testing for lead and other safety hazards as well as do away with a public database that lists toys that caused child injury.

State Director for PennPirg, Megan DeSmedt says they lobbied long and hard for the laws that are currently on the books and they may have to go back to Congress to rally to keep them.

“Toxic chemicals like lead, you can’t look at the toy and see if the chemicals are in there or not,” she said. “That’s why it’s so critical that the consumer product safety commission continues to have the resources to be a watchdog for parents and consumers to make sure that those toys are safe and that’s really what we’re fighting for.”

DeSmedt says even one child death is too many and there is something everyone can do.

“Call your members in congress and let them know that you’re concerned about this, and you want to see them fight for keeping toxic chemicals like lead out of toys.”

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio