PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Love was most definitely in the air at Philadelphia City Hall today, as 45 couples used this Valentine’s Day to tie the knot.

dembe weddings dunn side Couples Line Up For Valentines Weddings At Philadelphia City Hall“I have the very great honor to pronounce you man and wife.  Congratulations,” said municipal judge Pamela Dembe (far right) to one couple.

Dembe was among about a dozen city judges performing Valentine’s Day weddings at noontime for 45 couples who turned out at City Hall to tie the knot — some in gowns and tuxedos, others in dresses and suits, still others in sweaters and jeans.

We asked one couple if they considered a more traditional church wedding and reception?

(Bride:)  “No.  We just thought this would be more intimate.”
(Groom:)  “This is making it special for us, and that’s why we did it on Valentine’s Day with just the two of us.”

Did they know 45 other couples were going to be here?

(Bride:)  “We had an idea that there might be some friendly strangers with us today.”

So, as their turn came to stand before the assembled crowd and declare their love, were they ready?

(Groom:)  “Yes I am.”
(Bride:)  “Of course.  I’ve been ready for 33 years (laughs).”

Many of the new husbands noted that marrying on Valentine’s Day would make them less likely to forget their anniversary.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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