PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For all of the Tastykake fans who were disheartened to hear of the company’s financial woes, a new dessert is in town that pays homage to the Philly treat.

The Kandy Kake Sliders are a delight created by Chef Matt Levin of the Philadelphia bistro, Adsum. In an effort to contribute to Tastykake Co., which underwent major production problems earlier this year, Chef Levin decided to purchase their product and serve it in a unique way.

“Tastykake is a Pennsylvania icon, and their Kandy Kakes are known throughout the region for one good reason – they’re absurdly delicious,” said Chef Levin.

“I created these sliders to show my support for this local company by purchasing and serving their product, as well as inventing a delicious new snack for my guests – and myself,” he said.

The Kandy Kake Sliders combine brisket patties sandwiched between peanut butter Kandy Kakes, vanilla sponge cake lined with peanut butter and smothered in creamy chocolate. Each slider is topped with American cheese and Sriracha-cherry jam.

“It’s the perfect balance of salty and sweet with a little heat to bring the flavors together,” said Levin. “This may be the most decadent dish I’ve ever made.”

Chef Levin is known for his unusual dishes and creative use of ingredients, concocting dishes like the Four LOKO dinner that went viral in Philadelphia last year.

For more information about Chef Levine and Adsum, which is located on 700 South 5th Street, visit

Reported by Crystal Cranmore, CBS Philly