PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Last year the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) received thousands of calls regarding pets’ exposure to possibly poisonous and toxic substances. The ten most prevalent according to the APCC are:

1) Human medications such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antidepressants, etc.
2) Insecticides and also certain flea and tick medications that are not safe to use on cats.
3) Pesticides and Rodenticides causing seizures, internal bleeding and kidney failure.
4) People food, especially grapes, onions, raisins, garlic, caffeine and xylitol a sugar sweetener.
5) Veterinary medications if more than the directed amount is ingested
6) Chocolate
7) Household toxins such as bleach or detergents
8) House plants and outdoor plants especially lilies and palms. (Check complete list on
9) Herbicides
10)Outdoor toxins such as antifreeze.

For a complete list go to If you suspect your pet has ingested or been exposed to a toxic substance, contact your vet immediately or call the Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio

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