By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Tens of millions of people struggle with thinning and balding problems, but thanks to the latest technology for hair growth, they might not have to.

They’re funny looking, cutting edge or glowing. Treatments that are all focused on the follicle, helping people get their hair back.

“For women it’s really a big self image thing,” said Anita Buckler, who was suffering with severe hair loss. A series of photographs show how her hair grew back.

“Obviously it was very successful. I am ecstatic about it,” said Anita. She had a series of laser treatments, once a week for five months. A cool laser light penetrates the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

“It’s a modern miracle,” said Anita.

Now you can get that hair growing laser technology at home, with a new portable system called iGrow.

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“It stimulates your hair follicle, but from a cellular level,” said Dina El-Sherif, the Managing Director of Jardin Medical Spa in Bala Cynwyd. She says the cellular stimulation also increases blood flow to support hair growth.

Laser therapy only works for people with existing hair follicles. And doctors are now using it in conjunction with hair transplants, which is considered a last resort.

“I’ve seen very good results for kick starting hair growth on patients that I’ve transplanted. A follicle is an organ like any other organ in our body. To live it requires a blood supply,” said Dr. Robert Reese, a hair transplant surgeon.

31-year-old Matt Taylor is getting the newest kind of hair transplant called NeoGraft.

“Much quicker, much easier, almost painless as far as the recovery, and there’s virtually no down time,” said Dr. Paul Glat, with the Philadelphia Center for Age Management.

He says hair transplants usually involve big scars or individually transplanting hairs by hand.

Dr. Glat says NeoGraft is a quick and precise technology that works like a vacuum on each follicle. For Matt, hair removed from the back of his head and put in front. For that, the suction on the device is reversed.

“We switch it over to compressed air. It’s almost blowing or pushing the hair into the new location,” said Dr. Glat. att, who’s numbed for the procedure, says it doesn’t hurt. He’s an actor who used to have a full head of curly hair, and is hoping the transplant will help him get more work.

“I’d love to get through my 30’s feeling confident and having a thick head of hair,” said Matt.

It’s already happened for Anita.

And Dina is finally getting the long, full hair she’s always dreamed of.
“I’m actually very excited,” said Dina.

The new hair growing technologies cost between $700 and $7,000.

These treatments can often be used in conjunction with topicals, like Rogaine.


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Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

Stephanie Stahl