PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It looks rather hellish but it smells heavenly. While shoveling piles of snow off the patio from our last storm, I suddenly noticed a sweet scent wafting through the air. It smelled like…summer.

I’d struck some aromatic leftovers of a Monarda plant – also known as our native bee balm, which in summer has flowers that attract pretty pollinators – like humming birds. But this member of the mint family also has highly scented foliage – the tag on my plants smartly suggested planting them along a path where you’ll brush by the leaves often to enjoy the aroma.

Since I didn’t cut mine back last fall, they were still there under the snow, and when my shovel hit them, they perfumed the air. The leaves are totally shriveled and browned – nothing to look at – but it was wonderful to be surrounded by snow, yet sniffing the scents of summer – and enjoying once again how gardens can be full of surprises.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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