PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Students from Tacony Academy and First Philadelphia Charter School in Northeast Philadelphia spent their afternoon putting together gift baskets for students of the Global Leadership Academy, whose West Philadelphia School was destroyed by fire on January 9th.

It’s an efficient assembly line. Thirteen year-old Jamie is in the lead and she says she knows her job is “to put everything in the basket.”

Next in line is Laila who says she’s adding, “A wristband and crayons.”

(Reporter) “How do you feel about these poor kids that don’t have a school to go back to because of the fire?”

(Laila) “I feel like it is heartbreaking that they lost everything they had in their school. And I think that if we all help, we can make a change and make it better for them.”

Executive Assistant Donielle Johns says, these kids are thrilled to have the chance to help out.

“We had almost the entire eighth grade volunteer, but we just selected a few students. It’s after school and the response was overwhelming.”

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio.