PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Buss sisters of Moorestown are a perfect example of how you can take a neat idea and use it to help others. Maybe you’ve even seen their magnet.

Eleven-year-old Anna, 6-year-old Grace, and 4-year-old Abigail are trying to change the world.

At the Moorestown Hardware Store, the Buss girls are dropping off magnets with a message designed by them. The Live Civilly magnets encourage us to respect others. One reads, “Turn the other cheek.”

Anna says if more people did this, the ripple effects would change the world.

“It’s just like a cycle,” Anna said. “One person is nice to another, and another and so on.”

Over at Crescent Moon Clothing, there’s an entire table of Live Civilly merchandise. Store owner Gretchen Hulse says it’s a big hit.

“Selling very well, and every cent that comes to me goes directly to Live Civilly,” said Hulse.

The Buss girls can then use that money to buy food for the Bridge of Peace Food Pantry in Camden.

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Laura Sanchez of Bridge of Peace said, “They helped feed about 1,000 meals the month they donated the food.”

“I’m really happy that we’re doing this,” Anna said.

Parents Joe and Kahra Buss help their girls with the magnets. They say their family project is really making a difference, and spotting their magnets on the back of cars is pretty cool.

“It’s surreal,” said Kahra Buss. “I can’t put my head around it yet. It makes me extremely proud.”

The Live Civilly magnets are being sold online and at several locations in Moorestown. They cost $6.


Live Civilly

Reported by Dave Huddleston