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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Everybody wants nice white teeth, and now there are some new products to whiten your smile.

It’s a look you see all over the red carpet, stars with shiny white teeth. To get a star like smile millions turn to whitening products, and now there’s more to choose from.

“Your smile is so important,” said Sherri Reich, a Philadelphia lawyer. She is excited to try new whitening floss.

“Anything that’s going to whiten your teeth and be easy, why not,” said Sherri.

“Their whitening floss has silica embedded in it, and silica is an abrasive that helps to take away the surface stain,” said Dr. Thomas George, a Dentist at Deme.

He thinks the whitening benefits from the new whitening floss will be minimal, but said, “anything that makes people floss is going to be a good thing for the overall health of the teeth and gums.”

He says whitening treatments from a dentist are most effective, but can be costly. He and other dentist agree that some over-the-counter bleaching products can work a little. The best bang for the buck is Crest 3-D Whitening Strips. The Sonicare Electric toothbrush is also effective.

“There’s a lot of clinical trials that have been shown that this is very effective in removing surface stains,” said Dr. George.

Things like wine, tea and coffee can stain teeth. And now there’s a new product aimed at that Wine Wipe and Pearly Wipes. They are little pads moistened with whitening ingredients like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

“I think it’s easy to carry with you. It’s a quick fix after a meal or after a drink of wine. I wouldn’t expect to have a big whitening effect, but it’s a good way to clean your teeth after a meal,” said Dr. George.

Sherri, who’s a big coffee drinker, mainly uses customized bleaching trays, but is happy to know there are even more products.

“The white teeth, it looks ya know bright and clean,” said Sherri.

Some of these whitening products are only available online, or are just now hitting store shelves.

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Crest 3D White Strips

Crest Glide Whitening Floss

Philips Sonicare Toothbrushes

Wine and Pearly Wipes


Reported By Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

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