HARRISBURG (CBS) – Tom Corbett takes the oath of office as Pennsylvania’s 46th governor today.

Spokesman Kevin Harley says with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit in the offing, Tom Corbett will lay out the challenges ahead as he delivers his inaugural address today.

Harley adds, “But he’ll also, I believe, talk about looking to the people of Pennsylvania to have the courage — and the legislature to have the courage — to make difficult decisions that need to be made to move this state in the right direction.”

Rain or shine, inaugural spokesperson Kirsten Page says, one thing Corbett won’t be taking part in is a parade.

“We decided to scale back on a parade and not have it,” Page says. “Obviously, parades are a lot of fun, but they do cost money, and it would be something that would have been difficult for economically strapped Harrisburg, as far as manpower and so forth.”

When Tom Corbett sits behind the governor’s desk for the first time this afternoon, he’ll find a hand-written note from his predecessor. Ed Rendell’s advice in that letter: govern like a one-term governor.

“Do what you believe in and don’t worry about the political consequences,” Rendell says. “‘Cause first of all, if you do that and you stick to your guns, you’ll probably get re-elected anyway. But secondly, you’ll feel good about what you do and you’ll have a whole lot more fun than if you worry about the political consequences or you have your pollster test something out and say, ‘Oh, this isn’t any good.’ That’s going to be my main piece of advice.”

A former prosecutor, U.S. attorney and Pennsylvania attorney general, Corbett takes the oath as governor after attending a special mass at St. Patrick’s cathedral, in the shadow of the state capitol dome. The day’s festivities conclude with an inaugural ball this evening at the state Farm Show Complex.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio