PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Opera Company of Philadelphia has returned to their flash mob antics. At the Reading Terminal Market they “spontaneously” burst into song from the opera Carmen.

The Opera Company of Philadelphia held their 3rd opera flash mob.

“One here, one there, and then the audience started singing and it was wonderful!”

Michael Bolton, director of community programs with the Opera Company of Philadelphia says the first two YouTube opera flash mob videos have become viral video sensations!

“We have gotten ten million hits on our YouTube videos for these random acts of culture. They’re really sparking interest and really touching people in a unique way and they’re literally spreading like wildfire”

So what did the unsuspecting crowd think about the surprise serenade?

“I’m very happy! It made my day!”

Kuznits: “The opera company is giving new meaning to the world flash mob.”

“They are! In the best possible sense of the word!”

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Reported By Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio.

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