Whenever there’s snow in the forecast, you might begin hearing sleigh bells.

With the suburbanization of most area farms, those winter sleigh rides (followed by hot cider) seemed to be a thing of the past.  Now, they’re back — at Northern Star Farm, a pristine, rolling 230-acre patch of open space in central Montgomery County, Pa.

Tenth-generation farmer Matthew Wismer and a pair of Belgian draft horses have launched a new era in country sleigh rides.  Why?

“To experience the romance and the magic of getting in a horse-drawn sleigh and listening to the bells and just taking off,” says Wismer.

Wismer (in photo) intends that his landmark farm will always remain an open space oasis in Trappe, Pa.   He says that offering sleigh rides for a weekend family getaway is his way of sharing a bit of the past:

“Of life in a simpler time. Something that is not done anymore.”

Wait for snow before calling, and meanwhile check it out at www.northernstarfarm.net.

Reported by Jay Lloyd, KYW Newsradio 1060.