PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Honey in your tea or cinnamon on oatmeal, and the old faithfuls ketchup and mustard. Some favorite condiments can give your health a boost.

“From cumin to coriander, from ketchup to mustard, they’re food enhancers that add nutrients” said Dr. Eric Braverman, an Integrative Medicine Expert.

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In ketchup for example, lycopene is the antioxidant compound that gives tomatoes their bright red color. It’s also considered an anti-cancer agent.

“The truth is all ketchups are not the same. Organic ketchup will have three times the lycopene of conventional ketchup and that’s a big difference,” said Lauren Slayton, with

Mustard, ketchup’s spice partner, also packs a one, two nutritional punch.

“Mustard seed which is actually in the same family of foods as broccoli and cabbage, a very strong anti-cancer agent, reduces asthma and is good for arthritis symptoms,” said Lauren.

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And mustard also contains the spice turmeric.

“The turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory, and they think it accounts for a lower rates of Alzheimer’s in different parts of the world. So your hot dog can be healthy for you,” said Lauren.

On the sweet side, honey is recognized as a cough and allergy suppressant. And new studies have shown cinnamon as an effective antioxidant that could help reduce risks associated with diabetes and heart disease.

“In terms of anti-cancer benefits, heart health, allergies, athletes, your condiments can go a long way,” said Lauren.

One more thing, hot sauce clears nasal passages. And because it’s hot some doctors think it can speed up your metabolic rate, which can help with weight loss, a little.

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Reported by Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3