(CBS) – The political wars are about to erupt in Montgomery County, but the Democrats may be leading the way this time.

Usually, you expect Republican wars in Montgomery County, but this is a different time. The county’s Democratic Chief Marcel Groen has urged Democratic Commissioner Joe Hoeffel (pictured) not to run next year.

Hoeffel told us late yesterday that he has every intention to run and to unite the party, indicating that Groen just wants more control on the commission.

Reports have also surfaced that fast-rising State Representative Josh Shapiro would run in Hoeffel’s place, but Shapiro says there is no way he would run if Hoeffel is on the ballot. If Hoeffel backs away from running, Shapiro would get in.

On the GOP side, Bruce Castor, hoping to oust Jim Mathews, is deciding on a running mate. Three candidates are in the running including longtime Jury Commissioner Marie Cavanaugh.

And you thought all the political drama was over.

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio