PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – City Council wraps up its 2010 legislative session today. And the end of the lawmakers work year brings no action from council on the mayor’s call for an end to the controversial DROP program.

“We must drop the DROP program,” Mayor Nutter said in August.

He’s again urging City Council to abolish the lump sum pension perk ASAP. But Council members never scheduled a hearing because they are still waiting for a report from a Baltimore financial consultant. 

“Council believes more study is necessary, and the issue is a bit more complicated than people may think,” said councilman Wilson Goode.

This pushes the DROP battle until next year, which is an election year for all council members, including six signed up for DROP. Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, who is not enrolled in DROP, says the issue could affect her colleagues at the polls:

“I think people are looking at those who opted to apply for it. Whether or not it really affects them (on election day) remains to be seen,” Blackwell said.

The six enrolled in DROP are Council president Anna Verna, majority leader Marion Tasco, Frank Rizzo, Jack Kelly, Donna Miller and Frank DiCicco. Kelly and Verna have not said if they’ll seek re-election, the others are expected to run. DiCicco says because he’s enrolled in DROP, he will forgo his Council salary if re-elected. Council opens its 2011 session on January 27th.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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