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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The world has been rattled by the wiki-leaks, but a local expert isn’t concerned, just yet.
Professor Steven Gale of the University of Pennsylvania has ties to the world’s intelligence communities. In fact he warned Congress in the late nineties of a 9-11 type of attack.

He says the leaks have not yet compromised military secrets:

“The leaks themselves aren’t compromising the bulk of our intelligence operations. Those things are handled in something other than SIPRNET. But there’s no reason to expect that somebody, who has control of the communications dealing with the intelligence networks, couldn’t do exactly the same thing.”

However when it comes to overseas, Gale sees time running out in the Iranian crisis. And that if sanctions and negotiations fail, Israel has less time to act than the U.S. does:

“Israel cannot afford to wait where the U.S. can afford to sit back and say well look they’re not going to attack us it will somehow shake out in the Middle East. Israel certainly can not take that position.”

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Reported By Special Contributor Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio.

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