PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Holiday feasts are not only filling but often filled with meaning.

If this premise sounds philosophical, it’s with good reason since it comes from LaSalle philosophy professor John Hymers. It’s easy to spot some meaningful foods, like the matzo of Passover or the bread and wine of Christian Communion, but he looks at another philosopher’s phrase, you are what you eat, to extend the idea:

“What he really means by this is that we are the objects that surround us. When we surround ourselves with Justin Bieber posters, that says something about us, and when we surround ourselves by certain kinds of food, that says something about us. We need this stuff but as humans we can’t just leave it at what we need, we have to make sense of it. It has to mean something.”

Professor Hymers says food’s very abundance can rob it of its meaning. You hearing this, Wing Bowl?

Reported By John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio.

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