PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Those lights are really green – even the white ones, and the red, blue and yellow ones too. They’re those new LED holiday lights that are everywhere these days and they’re considered ‘green,’ or good for the environment, for lots of reasons.

First, they take up to 90% less energy, which reduces power use and saves you a lot on your electric bill. The lights themselves last a lot longer, which means you won’t be tossing so many cheap broken light sets into the trash, saving you greenbacks and keeping tons of junk out of landfills – lightsets aren’t only plastic, they also have a lot of lead in them, that’s why it says on the box to wash your hands after touching them.

Plus, LED lights are very cool – they don’t get hot the way old-fashioned Christmas lights used to. That means that while these lights won’t glow and melt through inches of snow in the same adorable way the old lights did, LED’s won’t burn or brown your garlands or trees either – instead, they’ll stay green.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio