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By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELHIA (CBS) — A local songwriter is celebrates a milestone anniversary of her cabaret show.

Karen Gross’s Cabaret Show, Sex and the Single Singer is about love and dating in Philadelphia:

“I’ve obviously dated different people over the years and if something doesn’t go right, there is a humorous way to look at it.”

This month, she celebrates the show’s five year anniversary:

“I started my career as a songwriter professionally and it was always kind of sad songs. This show is a way of turning it around and making light of some of the sad things we go through in the dating game.”

Kuznits: “You’ve got some comedy in there.”

Gross: “Absolutely! I mean, one thing that’s really been great is I’ve learned that I can do comedy!”

And recently Gross has also learned she can make dance music too:

“I just recorded a song with my brother who’s a producer and a DJ. We’re a dance music duo called the ‘Civil Servants’ and we just released our debut song which is called ‘Searching For a Memory.'”

Hear Hadas’ interview with Karen Gross in this KYW podcast:

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