HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The Gaming Control Board has voted to give local investors in the Foxwoods casino three more weeks to finalize a new deal to rescue the project.

But the board chairman insists December will be the “end of the line.”

In October, the Gaming Control Board gave the Foxwoods investors until this month to finalize the details of a new deal with Harrah’s. But at Thursday’s board meeting, the investors said they had not been able to file the necessary documents.

So the board has given the investors until December 10th to file those papers. But after the meeting, Board Chairman Greg Fajt said the board’s next meeting will be d-day.

“It’s the last rung on the ladder. And if it’s not done, and the documents aren’t submitted on December 10th, their license will be revoked on December 16th,” Fajt said.

Later in the interview, Fajt said he was skeptical the deadline could be met based on what he heard from investors Thursday.

“I wasn’t overly encouraged, to be blunt.”

Reported by KYW Harrisburg Bureau Chief Tony Romeo