PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A diet solution that claims to crush the cravings. No more yearnings for sweets or carbs. 3 On Your Side Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl has the details on how it works.

Those diet deal breakers like ice cream, candy, pasta and bread. You just have to have some, and there goes the diet.

“I could have a half a loaf of bread with butter. I love that stuff. But I haven’t really missed it. And I’m really shocked,” said Melissa Niles, who is dieting.

She is eating healthy, and not craving the sweets and pasta, that had ruined all her other attempts to lose weight.

“Instead of having a gallon of ice cream or candy bars, I can have Jell-O, ten calories,” said Melissa.

Making sensible food choices, this Vineland mother of two, has lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks.

Now instead of hating how she looks, Melissa said, “You might catch me doing a double take in the mirror. I’m like wow is that really me? I feel like I did when I was ya know 18, 19, 20.”

The 38-year-olds’ diet salvation was the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program, a comprehensive plan that includes an all natural supplement.

“I’m not hungry. I’m not craving and the diet works,” said Melissa.

The serotonin supplements are supposed to stop carb cravings.

“Serotonin is an important chemical in the brain that helps with mood and also with carbohydrate cravings,” said Dr. Victoria Falcone, with Physician Body Solutions.

She says the supplement increases serotonin levels, which makes it easier to avoid carbs so patients can focus on protein, which helps control hunger.

“We get patients on, eating the right foods, in the right portions,” said Dr. Falcone.

Now Melissa measures food to control how much she eats, and has switched from real pasta to tofu noodles.

Stephanie asked, “It tastes like real pasta?”

Melissa replied, “Uh huh, tastes like pasta. 20 calories, no carbs.”

She says now it’s easier to eat only 1,200 calories a day, and Melissa works out five days a week. And she’s loving the quick results.

“The muffin top is gone Stephanie. This is great,” said Melissa.

The Serotonin-Plus Diet is medically supervised, so you have to go through the doctor to get the supplements and weigh-in weekly. It costs $1,500.

Because it’s a supplement, it doesn’t have to be scientifically proven or FDA approved.


Physician Body Solutions Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program Information

Reported By: Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3

Stephanie Stahl