PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many cats love the taste of milk. And it’s usually offered to them as a special treat. But the truth is milk is not very beneficial to a feline’s diet. Cats are never naturally exposed to cow’s milk so it would serve to reason that it is not a requirement in their diet. In fact, milk may actually cause digestive problems and diarrhea in most cats. Cats, like many people can be lactose intolerant and unable to digest the sugar found in cow’s milk.

A proper high quality diet and plenty of fresh water daily is what a cat really needs. Milk should never be given as a diet alone since it doesn’t meet any of the nutritional requirements and it should never be given in place of food or even fresh water.

Only kittens require milk, but most definitely not cow’s milk. It is important for a kitten to get the proper nourishment and stay with the kitten’s mother for several weeks.

If your adult cat enjoys lapping a sip or two of milk only as a treat and only once in a while, it may be okay, but not too much or too frequently and certainly not in place of water and a healthy diet.

Reported By Nan Talleno, KYW Newsradio