Philadelphia (CBS) – There are many statistics and studies out there and over the years I have seen reports that contradict each other depending on who conducts the study and the parameters that are set up. This is particularly true with studies that center around lifestyle. But there is one disturbing report that comes up again and again and it is something that parents need to think about: teens with a television in their bedroom are more likely to be sexually active, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes than those who do not have one.

The question is if this is a result of television and a negative influence or the result of the fact that parents who do not allow this are encouraging more interaction as a family.

This is a study that is more difficult to perform but it raises the issue about family time and communication. One of the keys to preventing high risk behavior in teens is to talk with them routinely.

A TV in a bedroom doesn’t mean this is the case but it is an example of one barrier that is out there.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor