LAFAYETTE HILL, Pa. (CBS) — It’s not your father’s physics class, as hip-hop meets Sir Isaac Newton at St. Philip Neri School in Lafayette Hill, Pa.

Lights flashed and the beat was massive but it was all for science, says Gary Bradford of Honeywell, the sponsor of the show:

“It’s a pretty progressive hip-hop approach. And, it demonstrated the three laws of motion that Sir Isaac Newton discovered.”

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Principal Bernice Annechini says the school pursued this traveling show for four years, but certainly subsequent classes won’t be like this:

“I guess you would say you’d get some traction. So, then when they take the concepts in the textbooks they can relate what they saw on the stage.”

Congresswoman Allison Schwartz looked on approvingly:

“If we’re going to be competitive in the global marketplace, math and science are so important for our young people.”

The show’s name “FMA Live!” means Force equals Mass times Acceleration, one of Newton’s Laws.

Reported By John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio

Photo and video by John Ostapkovich

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