PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Although a variety of issues propelled Republicans to their election victory Tuesday, the economy was paramount, so an environmental group has hope that green energy can thrive even as blue states go red.

The NRDC Action Fund polled voters in 23 House districts about energy issues and found clear support for going green. Trouble is, in two of those Districts, Pennsylvania’s 8th and 11th, incumbent green energy supporters lost.

Poll leader Wesley Warren acknowledges that the economy proved to be an overwhelming issue but hopes the green push doesn’t end up unemployed:

“We need clean, renewable electricity for America and building the solar panels and wind turbines right here in America to get it done. Second of all, tax credits that will actually give people money to go out and buy clean products for their homes and their automobiles.”

Warren says a national standard for renewable energy use is still within reach.

Reported By John Ostapkovich, KYW Newsradio