PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A dog was sawed in half and the upper portion of its body was left on the back porch of a Northeast Philadelphia home as an apparent message to the homeowner, officials said Monday.

SPCA officials said the body of a three-year-old husky was found severed on the back porch of a home on Byberry Road in Somerton.

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The owner of the home, who does not own the dog, made the discovery.

“It’s very gruesome. It’s very scary. It’s a sign to me. If somebody’s disturbed enough to do that to a dog, what are they going to do to me?” said homeowner Sherri Verdon.

Verdon said she has “a very good idea” as to who committed the disturbing act. Verdon told Eyewitness News that a man who used to live next door to her in her old neighborhood is responsible.

Verdon said the man has been harassing her for more than three years and has poured motor oil on her home 10 times.

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“The last time he left a lighter on the back deck. To me, I took it as a sign as next time, if he lights it, I have no way out,” explained Verdon.

The owner of the dog, Gabriella Ovadia, said her dog went missing Sunday evening.

A tearful Ovadia was at the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters on Monday evening to identify her dog.

“We’ve had him since he was four weeks old. We got him from a breeder, he was a gift to the family,” Ovadia said.

A $1,000 reward is being offered in connection to the case.

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Reported By: Valerie Levesque, CBS 3