PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Authorities say they have dismantled a violent drug gang that marked its territory in the Bartram Village housing development of Southwest Philadelphia and ruled it with an iron fist — a fist often holding a gun.

The grand jury has indicted 17 people, identifying 12 of the 17 as gunmen for the drug organization that variously called itself the “Harlem Boys,” “Young Hit Men,” and “54.”

They are charged with numerous shootings. First assistant US attorney Louis Lappen says their victims included other drug dealers who threatened their operation:

“The Harlem Boy also brought their violence to innocent victims, people who just went into the area to visit friends or engage in other innocent activities.  Harlem Boys robbed (and) carjacked at gunpoint those people.”

Victims were shot, but none fatally in the cases charged in this indictment.

Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio.

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