PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Donovan McNabb’s return to Philadelphia has football fans talking about the legendary quarterback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles for 11 seasons.

All eyes will be on the Eagles when they kick-off this afternoon at 4:15pm. There will also be a lot of eyes focused on McNabb. For the first time, the quarterback who spent most of his NFL career in an Eagles uniform, will step onto Lincoln Financial Field with a Washington Redskins jersey.

Fans we spoke to at Melrose in South Philadelphia say they are eager to watch tonight’s matchup. Bob Hughes told Eyewitness News, he thinks McNabb won’t receive cheers from the crowd.

“Obviously they’re going to try an attack me,” said McNabb. “They’ve done this with other quarterbacks. They have some tendencies that I’ve seen and they know that so it’s going to be back and forth.”

There’s no back in forth, when it comes to who is starting at quarterback for the Eagles today. Fans says they are hopeful Michael Vick will lead the birds to another win. Last week he helped the team beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in a 28-3 victory. The question is can the Eagles, as a whole, keep up the momentum in this much anticipated NFC rival.

Reported By: Jericka Duncan, CBS 3

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