By John Ostapkovich

The Obama Administration is expected today to tip its hand on proposed future gas mileage standards. A consumer group is hoping for a big jump.

This announcement is sort of a pre-rule, according to Mark Cooper, Director of Research at the Consumer Federation of America. It’s a notice of an intent to rule, to get all the objecting lawsuits and hearings out of the way.

Cooper says 60 miles per gallon is within reach:

“There are advances in the engine itself, transmission, vehicle design, load, lighter-weight components, very strong, high strength-materials, aerodynamic design. We’re talking about the kinds of cars that Americans do drive and want to drive.”

Cooper says mileage goals are now tied to wheel-base so we’re not talking just SmartCars getting the boost.

Reported By KYW’s John Ostapkovich

(file photo/Getty Images)

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