by KYW’s Phran Novelli

Are you ever going to plant that stuff?  You saw something new at a plant sale and couldn’t resist, or finally found one of those shrubs your friend has that you always wanted, so you bought it while you could. You brought them home, and there they sit by the back door or out on the deck, begging for water and getting pot-bound.

Get them in the ground – now.  Fall is a great time to plant because cooler weather is less stressful for growing things and we usually get some decent rain.  Plus, as plants head into winter dormancy, they’ll have fewer flowers and leaves to support and can concentrate on putting down good roots before winter.  In the spring, snowmelt and rain will help water them in further and give your new plantings a head start at staying healthy through next summer. 

So grab a shovel – that little tree you bought, those shrubs you had to have, and all the pots of perennials you’ve been collecting that look half dead – it’s time to plant them already.

(Photo by Phran Novelli)