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Two fired Philadelphia police officers, already under indictment for allegedly stealing and selling drugs, have now been indicted again. This case allegedly involves a would-be mafioso and a stolen police car.

williamssnyder More Charges for Phila. Cops Suspected of Corruption

KYW’s Tony Hanson reports that federal prosecutor Maureen McCartney says officers Robert Snyder and Mark Williams allegedly planned a robbery, robbery by police:

“They believed that they were going to rob a member of the mafia who they believed was delivering gambling proceeds.”

So on July 9th, McCartney says Officer Williams, at the time already under investigation (see related story) and on restricted duty, took a police vehicle without authorization:

“The plan was to do a car stop and to seize the money.”

But McCartney says the mafioso was actually an undercover federal agent. Both officers have been fired by the department.

Snyder’s attorney declined comment. Williams’ attorney could not be reached for comment.

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