by KYW’s Bill Wine —

The Last Exorcism may be the first in a new franchise.

the last exorcism film The Last Exorcism Tops Weekend Box Office

The demonic-possession horror thriller, The Last Exorcism (above), was the surprise winner of the box office crown in its opening weekend, earning just over $21 million.

Another new title, Takers — a cops-and-robbers heist thriller with Idris Elba, Paul Walker, and Matt Dillon — was an equally surprising second with $21 million in its debut.

Their one-two punch dropped last weekend’s leader — Sylvester Stallone’s action thriller, The Expendables — to third, taking in $9 million in its third weekend of release.

Overall, it was a typically slow late-August weekend at the nation’s multiplexes, but not as slow as expected, thanks to the takings of Takers and The Last Exorcism.

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