Crews at the Sugarhouse Casino are moving tables for table games into the casino today, to get ready for Philadelphia’s first casino opening next month.

KYW’s Mike DeNardo reports from the casino that workers were rolling a blackjack table on a dolly onto the gaming floor.

Sugarhouse general manager Wendy Hamilton says more than 300 workers have been trained to run the table games.:

“We’ve got blackjack, Pai Gow poker, mini-baccarat, craps.  You name it, it’s out there.”

In all, 40 tables are arriving.

Hamilton says there will be an in-house mock casino on September 17th, and they’ll open the tables up to invited guests for two days of gambling to benefit charity on the 20th and 22nd:

“Once we know that everything’s working and we’re ready to go, we expect and hope — with the approval of the gaming board — to open on the 23rd of September.”

Hamilton says the construction team and casino crew probably won’t get much sleep between now and then.

(Photos by KYW’s Mike DeNardo)