Philadelphia police have identified two teens in custody, charged as adults in the murder of a World War II veteran last week outside his home in West Oak Lane.

spellmancombs Phila. Teens Charged as Adults in Murder of WW II Vet

KYW’s Ian Bush reports that according to authorities,  17-year-old India Spellman and 14-year-old Von Combs robbed another person — a woman — less than an hour before their attack on 87-year-old George Greaves.

Greaves had just finished mowing the lawn at his home in the 7900 block of Pickering Street when, according to homicide captain James Clark, the girl and boy came up to him and threatened him with a gun:

“They demanded money and he just didn’t move quickly enough for them.  And they took that as some type of resisting, or some type of disrespect, and they shot and killed him.”

Clark says they believe Spellman, the girl, pulled the trigger.

Police are looking into charging the pair in several other robberies in the area — though none, officials say, as senseless and tragic as the one that left a US Navy vet dead.