greene carl2 Housing Authority Director Still MIA

(Greene, in file photo)


Embattled PHA director Carl Greene apparently has no plans to show up for work today.  No one seems to have heard from Greene since published reports that a bank was foreclosing on his condo.

KYW’s Mike Dunn reports a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Housing Authority had no information on Carl Greene’s whereabouts, except to say that Greene had informed staff he would not be in Monday, Tuesday or even today.

City councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, a longtime member of the PHA board, has not heard from him:

(Blackwell:) “But I understand that he’s all right, so that’s fine.”

(Dunn:) “So you’re not concerned for his well-being?”

(Blackwell): “No, they — his PHA staff – tell me he’s fine.”

Blackwell believes Greene should continue as PHA director despite his personal financial issues.

Published reports say a bank has foreclosed on his $600,000 condo and that he owed the IRS back taxes last year.

Greene earned more than $300,000 a year as the chief of PHA.  Greene earns more than $300,000 a year.

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