A Pennsylvania lawmaker is renewing his push for approval of a bill that would require businesses to offer paid sick leave.

KYW’s Tony Romeo reports the House Labor Relations Committee held a hearing on Allegheny County Democrat Marc Gergley’s bill under which employees could accrue an hour of paid sick leave, up to a total of 52 hours,  for every 40 hours worked.

Businesses with fewer than ten employees would have lesser requirements.  But Sam Denisco of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry says it’s a bad idea:

“At a time when employers are struggling to avoid layoffs and business closures, imposing paid leave mandates on employers is unwise policy.”

But Gergley says it’s a quality-of-life and family-values issue:

“The humanity of it.  And I understand the cost, but I think I want you to embrace the humanity of this with the chamber.  That’s where I’m trying to go with this.”

Advocates for the legislation say for one thing, workers in food service and care-giver situations end up coming to work sick.