90356028 e1280844053876 Eagles: Brandon Graham Calls Dez Bryant SelfishYou’re going to like Brandon Graham.

Of course he’s going to have to get the the quarterback for you to REALLY like him, but don’t worry, he knows that.

I met the Eagles first round pick at training camp yesterday, and was able to talk to him for a bit.

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Brandon Graham’s attitude seems to reflect the attitude of this year’s new-look Eagles. You can’t help being drawn in by his excitement. He seems genuinely happy to be here.

I hope all of the Eagles play well because I want the Eagles to win. I want Brandon Graham to play well because he’s an Eagle, but also because he’s a guy that would be fun to cheer for.

He also gave all the right answers. He already wants to hit Tony Romo, and hates the Cowboys.

When asked about Dez Bryant’s rookie-hazing resistance, he thought Bryant made the wrong choice. Listen below: