Nearly a dozen visually impaired and blind kids are spending time in camp this summer in Montgomery County experiencing a number of activities that their sighted friends do every day, but budget cuts may bring an end to their fun.blindcamp segall Camp for Blind Kids Hitting Tough Financial Times

KYW’s Brad Segall reports that the camp is just one of the many programs at the Montgomery County Association for the Blind. Over the past several days, the children went swimming,rock climbing, fishing, played miniature golf, and rode horses.

But the downturn in the economy has taken its toll and what had been a four-week camp last summer tuned into two weeks this year, according to assistant recreation director Deena Laver:

“Donations have dropped to barely a few coming in and people who give grants, instead of giving a grant every year are now doing it every other year or their cutting their grant in half.”

If the donations don’t pick up, the may have to scrap the summer camp program next year. That would be bad news for 11-year-old Marvin:

“It’s really fun. I was mad on Friday that I had to miss camp because I had to go to a wedding Saturday and I had to pick up my clothes.”

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