After three weeks of complaints by consumers and critics, Apple has finally addressed the reception issue involving its iPhone 4 smartphone.

iphone41 Apple Gives Free Cases to Address iPhone 4 Problems
KYW’s tech reporter Bob Bicknell reports that a humbled Steve Jobs addressed reporters in California today:

“We’re not perfect.  We know that, you know that, and the phones aren’t perfect.”

But then the Apple CEO switched to offense, saying that all mobile phones have weak spots where reception can fall off if they’re held a certain way, and offering a demonstration on Blackberry, HTC, and Samsung phones.

Jobs said only about one half of one percent of iPhone 4 users have called in to report reception problems. Still, he admitted the device drops more calls that its predecessor, and said that Apple wants to make its customers happy:

“We’ve got our bumper case here, and we want to give everybody a free case. Every iPhone user is going to get a free case.”

And refunds for those who already purchased them.

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